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acabar :(verb)
---to ejaculate or, more general to have an orgasm Used in Argentina.
Literally it means to finish. Ohhh, estoy por acabar !! meaning Ohhh, I'm
going to have an orgasm !!. It's obvious when it's used.

Chacon: (noun, fem)
---cunt This come from the Argentinian lunfardo (slang) where many words
are inverted by sillabes. So the original is concha. La chacon de tu madre
should be read as La concha de tu madre (Your mother's cunt)

---to copulate Used in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. For other countries,
see "tirar", "cachar", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"

concha (fem. noun)
---cunt Uruguayan slang. La concha de tu madre (your mom's cunt) is a
strong insult. La concha tuya (your cunt). Conchita (diminutive), Concha
Peluda (hairy cunt) are other common uses of the word.

hacer la (una) paja
---to masturbate The reflexive form ("hacerse una paja") means to masturbate
oneself. The transitive form ("le hizo una paja a su amigo") means to
masturbate somebody else.

leche (noun, fem.)
---milk (literally), semen (fig.) As an expletive it translates roughly as
Shit, Fuck.

orto (noun, mas)
---ass Used in Argentina and Uruguay - Te voy a romper el orto (I'm gonna
break your ass)

pedazo (masc. noun)
---lit. piece; fig. penis Uruguayan slang for penis. Not as widely used as
'pito' or 'verga'.

---a fart when someone passes gas, or what you call a misceivious person.

pelotas (noun, fem. pl.)
---balls (literally), testicles (fig.)

pelotudo (masc. adj.)
---dumbass Common slang for someone who is careless, doesn't care much about
what he does, etc.

---idiot. In Mex. Spanish it is rather strong. You can't use that word on TV.

pito (masc. noun)
---penis Uruguayan slang for penis. 'Chupame el pito" (suck my dick),
'Agarrame el pito' (grab my dick). See also 'pedazo' and 'verga'

verga (fem. noun)
---penis Uruguayan slang for penis. 'Chupame la verga" (suck my dick). See
also 'pito' and 'pedazo'

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